The LOIR offers formal professional training in performing operatic roles. It is led by a highly qualified educational team of mentors from different musical sectors. They include recognized world-class singers, conductors, and professional pianists. They each contribute to the ranges of competencies that constitute the singer's challenge.
Each participant gain a deeper understanding of the background and history of the opera they are working on, as they get a deeper understanding of the psychological motivations of the character being portrayed. The LOIR program is detailed and precise, carefully designed to improve vocal technique efficiently, as well as enhancing performing ability, stage presence, musicianship, and the correct Italian pronunciation in the Belcanto tradition. Our dedicated team will work closely with you to create and master your operatic roles, including Arias, recitatives as well as placing the voice within that context.
We look forward to working with you!

M. Daniele Giulio Moles and Dr. Dragana Moles

 Analytical Study
•background of the role
•historical perspective of the role
•psychological motivations of the character
•use of the body and voice in the interpretation of the character
•use of language to convey the character with an emphasis on diction


 Individual Coachings
 Stagecraft (stage movement, character motivation)
 Language Study, correct pronunciation of Italian language
 Role Character Study (probe character, historical context)
 Recitative Study

Recording with the videocamera and playback of the tracks previously studied (including an entire character)

Supervision and Work of all tracks previously studied (encluding an entire character)

Voice Lessons

 Each student will have a 50 minute voice lesson per day, but will participate in all the activities of the group after or before the lesson of singing.  The voice lessons will start at 10:00 AM and will be held at the institute San Pietro in Vincoli, near Colosseum.

A final public concert/s will be presented at the end of the program.
The Artistic Director has the final decision who can participate in the final concert/s, only students whose performance is considered professional or near-professional.
Free time
One day per week to visit Rome, Naples and Florence and rich Italian cultural life (optional)






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