Lella Cuberli

I have known Maestro Daniele Giulio Moles for at least 10 years, probably more. He is an honest, upright, sincere person and, well lots of fun. A part from his character, he is an exceptional musician, willing and eager to help the young learn with music is all about. Not many people have this expertise, this knowledge, nor are they interested in passing what they do know to the younger generation. Collaborating with Maestro Moles has always been a stimulating and uplifting experience for me.




Csilla Boross, soprano (Accademia musicale Franz Liszt, Budapest)
Washington National Opera, Grand Théâtre de Genève, Pittsburgh Opera…

I am a type of opera singer who always wants to achieve the best quality. So as a singer, I believe all of us need to know so many things - languages, general music knowledge, vocal technique, but above all we need masters, coaches who are there  to help us achieving all these. I met Daniele and Dragana in 2013 when singing Tosca at the Therms of Caracalla (Teatro dell’Opera di Roma). In order to be as good as I can be I needed a language coach but I found two coaches instead, both with special knowledge and humility. Most of our opera history is in Italian so we must perfect our pronunciation. Daniele as a conductor and Dragana as a singer herself are the very best for teaching us what Italian opera means. Diction, pronunciation style, phrasing. I am grateful having them in my life as friends and as my Italian coaches in my professional life.


Mark Fowler, tenor (Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne)
Melbourne Opera, Opera Australia, Plovdiv Opera

I cannot thank Maestro Daniele Moles and Maestra Dragana Moles enough for their generous time given and wealth of knowledge imparted. Combined, they are a dynamic team coaching with a refreshing holistic approach to Italian belcanto repertoire. Their approach to learning a role for the stage is above all inspiring! Their advice stays dear to me and I find it assisting me every day in my professional work.




Draga Dzinic, soprano (MS Dr. Vojislav Vuckovic, Nis)
Abu Dhabi

With the guidance of Dragana I managed to understand the principles of the correct and most efficient way of musical analyzing along with gasping the true Italian vowels. The result was a fast and easy way to understand and apply all the elements that are the very core of true Italian Belcanto, making the whole thing so much easier. At first, I couldn’t believe that all this time having good results could be that simple. This gave me the encouragement I needed to do my best.
I came to know the very different styles of recitative in a standard Mozart scene, much different to an accompanied recitative, differences I learned from Dragana's recitative class. Dragana's strict attention to diction, detail, and style aided me as a method in the study of my current repertoire. I learned so much about the culture and history of Rome and Italy too. Truly a memorable experience!


Tamta Tarieli, mezzosoprano (Conservatorio Rossini di Pesaro)
Staatstheatre Mainz

I recommend LOIR to any young singer strongly motivated and ready to start building a professional career. I participated in a masterclass with this faculty few years ago and I would like to truly thank Miss Cuberli, a fundamental figure in my education as a singer. She taught me the the most important things – breathing, to use my diaphragm and phrasing.




Raia Lubomírova Natcheva, mezzosoprano (University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria)
Sofia Opera

Personally, through the masterclasses of Daniele and Dragana Moles I attained knowledge in two important sectors of the singer’s job: The first one is how to optimally work on the musical phrase in Italian opera and the second one is how to work first on the Italian lyrics from the music score. To succeed in doing these two sectors, I was shown practical exercises, not imaginary ideas. I thank them very much for their beautiful approach because that was a perfect climate where learning with attention was easy for everybody. I recommend LIOR for those who are dedicated and truly desire to grow as an opera singer.


Sanja Radisic, mezzosoprano (University of Mannheim)
Theater Aachen, Musikfestival Düsseldorf

I would highly recommend this program to any singer who wants to take his performance skills to a higher level.  The program is extremely rigorous and demanding, but in the end it pays off in a wonderful sense of accomplishment and a new set of skills to utilize on your professional journey. LOIR is an incredible opportunity for emerging singers, and I have no doubt that the program will continue to grow under the leadership of a professional, but caring and supportive faculty.
In addition, the program is divided into three levels, from introductory to advanced, to cater to the needs of every artist in attendance. It's a lot of hard work, but the only true way to become a better performer and a better team player.


Alexander Baranov, tenor (New Bulgarian University) 
Rousse Opera House

I always gladly remember studying with Dragana and Daniele. We met at the very beginning of my singing carrier and one of the most valuable things I learned from my confronting with their knowledge is the importance of detailed attention to pronunciation and breathing. In my training these are the things I count most on.
I recommend LOIR to the singer who is dedicated, intelligent, focused, and ready to take on the most rewarding challenges.


Aleksandar Timotic, baritone (Белгородский Государственный Институт Культуры и Искусств, Belgorod)
Белгородская государственная филармония

It was a privilege to work with such a passionate and dedicated faculty who mentored every singer with their vast knowledge and experience combined with great caring, support and humor. It was also exciting for me to work with a top level conductor and to learn little “tricks” that every soloist has to know before his first rehearsal with the orchestra.You learn what “preparation” means in the professional setting, away from the comforts of your home or university. For me it was a great educational and enlightening experience!